Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Styling for Christmas

Another book which I am currently reading is Simple Essentials, Christmas, by Donna Hay. I like the fact that she has some suggestions for festive decorating using real branches and twigs.

Wood & Cookies
Tie bundles of timber or driftwood together and attach to a central post with rope. Secure the tree in a bucket filled with white pebbles. Attach Christmas bauble-shaped cookies decorated with icing and sugar sprinkles.

Twig & Tulle
A tree branch can become a strikingly simple and sophisticated centrepiece for your room. Tie short lengths of white tulle, ribbon or metallic fabric to the branch and anchor it in a glass vase that has been filled with sand to keep the tree from topping over.

A bit of nature in the home...sounds inviting to me.

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